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I am going to use RequireJS to take advantage of AMD.

In RequireJS configuration, I found a shim block to define shim JavaScript libraries.

Can anyone please tell me the difference between AMD JavaScript libraries and shim libraries?

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A RequireJs module is one that follows a very specific set of rules about code -- mostly having to do with what modules are required (modules can require other modules) and what function or methods it exports.

A shim is a block of code used with non-ADM libraries to provide a set of hints to RequireJS that allows one to use non-AMD libraries to be loaded.


In short, AMD modules start like this:

    module_id /*optional*/, 
    [dependencies] /*optional*/, 
    definition function /*function for instantiating the module or object*/

There are some systems that use a weird wrapper to detect if AMD is available and if so they use it, else they turn define into a glorified eval statement.

Anything else is not an AMD module and either needs to be loaded normally or shimmed.

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Thanks jeremy but my concern is deference between AMD and Non-AMD(shim) Liberies. and i am expecting some example which can demonstrate the difference. –  Sandeep vashisth Apr 10 '14 at 8:35
@MildFuzz -- I did update my answer after the OP's comment. –  Jeremy J Starcher Apr 10 '14 at 13:12

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