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I am trying to unit test angularjs with QUnit but get the error messages: $httpBackend.whenGET is not a function, $httpBackend.when is not a function. I have included angular mocks and angular breeze service ( which uses the angular q library for promises and httpbackend instead of $.ajax for data transmission. I am still unable to mock any of the calls to the server. Some sample code:

var $httpBackend,
    var SPAModule = angular.module("spa");
    injector = angular.injector(['ng', 'spa']);
    $httpBackend = injector.get("$httpBackend");
    SPAModule.config(function ($provide) {
        $provide.decorator('$httpBackend', angular.mock.e2e.$httpBackendDecorator);

test("WHEN the controller is called THEN it should be created with the correct data on the scope", function () { 'use strict';

// Given
$httpBackend.whenGET("/Breeze/Data/Jobs").respond({ data: jobData });
var routeParams = { id: "b" },

// When
    controller = injector.get('$controller')(toriga.propertyController, {
        $scope: theScope,
        $window: windowMock,
        $location: locationMock,
        $routeParams: routeParams
    $rootScope = injector.get('$rootScope');
$rootScope.$apply(); // forces results of promise to be executed

// Then
notEqual(controller, null, 'controller was created properly');
strictEqual(theScope.pageTitle, "Property", "pageTitle was set on the scope");
notEqual(theScope.job, null, "Job set on the scope");
ok(toastrMock.warning.notCalled, "No warning messages were displayed");
ok(toastrMock.error.notCalled, "No error messages were displayed");


This code used to work fine when I was not using breeze but now I have switched I can't seem to get it to work and the documentation is poor on how to get this working. Any help would be appreciated.

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I can't tell all of the details of your tests. I can offer some comfort that it does work .. and pretty much as you'd expect.

Here is an extract from the test/specs/lookups.spec in the "Zza-Node-Mongo" sample (it's in github) in which I replay through the $httpBackend mock a (subset of) the server’s response to a Breeze client request for "lookup" reference entities.

I'm using Jasmine instead of QUnit but I hope you get the picture.

// simplified for presentation here but materially sufficient
describe("when lookups service receives valid lookups data", function () {

    var $httpBackend, flush$q, lookups
    var lookupsUrlRe = /breeze\/zza\/Lookups\?/; // RegEx of the lookups endpoint


    beforeEach(inject(function(_$httpBackend_, $rootScope, _lookups_) {
        $httpBackend = _$httpBackend_;
        flush$q = function() { $rootScope.$apply(); };
        lookups = _lookups_;

    beforeEach(function () {
        lookups.ready(); // THIS TRIGGERS CALL TO FETCHLOOKUPS

    it("doesn't bomb", function () {

    it("'ready()' invokes success callback", function () {
       var success = jasmine.createSpy('success');
        flush$q();  // NOTE NEED TO FLUSH $Q IN THIS TEST

    it("has OrderStatus.Pending", function () {
        expect(lookups.OrderStatus && lookups.OrderStatus.Pending).toBeDefined();

    ... more tests ...


The "lookups" service (app/services/lookups.js) calls breeze to fetch lookups data from the server.

function fetchLookups() {
   return breeze.EntityQuery.from('Lookups')
       .then(function () {
 "Lookups loaded from server.");
       .catch(function (error) {
           error = util.filterHttpError(error);
           logger.error(error.message, "lookups initialization failed");
           throw error; // so downstream fail handlers hear it too

As you might imagine, this is a pretty deep integration test that starts with a service consumed by a ViewModel and goes all the way through the Breeze Angular Service through $http just about to the network boundary before being intercepted by $httpBackend.

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Where does flush$q(); exist? I am getting function does not exist – johnstaveley Apr 11 '14 at 14:21
Notice that I defined it in the second beforeEach. It's just sugar over $rootScope.$apply() which (to my mind) doesn't convey the intent as well as "flush$q" or "flushPromiseQueue". – Ward Apr 11 '14 at 15:35
Hi, the Inject function is specific to jasmine, as I said I am using QUnit. – johnstaveley Apr 16 '14 at 14:44
To anyone who is interested, after a month of trying to unsuccessfully get it working in QUnit in the end I converted my tests to Jasmine. I didn't use the method shown above, I stubbed the angular service to return the data I needed to test the controllers. I have a lot of tests to convert. – johnstaveley Apr 21 '14 at 14:28
I'd take the challenge but I've got to stay focused on our own priorities. I'm not surprised that angular.mocks lacks QUnit awareness. It would probably require some surgery to get that going. This has nothing to do with Breeze. Oh well ... I think you'll be glad you converted to Jasmine anyway (use Jasmine 2.0 btw!); my setup/teardown logic ... and therefore my tests ... are much cleaner since I moved from QUnit to Jasmine. – Ward May 2 '14 at 20:55

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