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I am using the DownloadManager to download my App-Data. After the downloading is finished I see in the Log following:

I/iu.UploadsManagerīš• End new media; added: 0, uploading: 0, time: 151 ms

many many times. It seems, that it tries to upload my downloaded files somewhere. I figured out, this Log is caused by Google+. If I stop Google+, the Log stops printing this lines. Yesterday it killed my Battery in 3 hours I guess.

Does anyone had the same problem after using the DownloadManager?

  • Google+ auto synchronisation is turned off
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Are you sure it's your app that's causing it? It seems to be a problem with the Google+ app in general. Here's just one recent posting I found on xda-developers. I found many others similar. –  Mike M. Apr 10 at 8:49
Yes it also shows the path to the files the DownloadManager downloaded before and they are my files. It always start logging this after/while downloading my files. Even if the downloading is done, it still keeps logging this. –  Informatic0re Apr 10 at 8:58

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