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I'm trying to create a form that has an expandable widget. The problem is that when the widget is open, The form extends outside the limit in the content box, and it looks bad.

I tried using overflow:scroll but it creates 2 ugly scrollbars that do not disappear even if the conent is smaller then the content box. I only need one vertical scrollbar.

Visual Studio also alerted that overflow-y is not available in CSS.

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Change your overflow to auto and define the height and/or width of the element.

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overflow-x and overflow-y are part of the CSS3 proposal, and work in all of the current versions of the big four browsers.

I usually do:

overflow: auto;
overflow-x: auto;
overflow-y: auto;

The reason is that sometimes browsers treat overflow: auto as overflow: scroll (two ugly scrollbars) as soon as content overflows in one direction, but those browsers already support overflow-x and overflow-y, which get precedence.

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Swilliams gave a good answer about how to treat the symptom. But, you might want to think about the root cause too - if the content box were not constrained to a fixed size, it could shrink and/or expand to fit any size form, without scroll bars. Web pages are flexible by design, and attempts to "fix" that flexibility usually end up running into problems of this sort.

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There are many situations where this is appropriate, though. Take, for example, a PRE block with code. –  ceejayoz Oct 23 '08 at 14:54
Yes, definitely. That's why I didn't phrase my answer in absolutes, saying things like "you might want to think about" and "usually end up running into problems" instead. –  Sherm Pendley Oct 23 '08 at 21:58

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