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I am using a large jpg image in my web page:

Size: 4 MB
Res: 750x8227
DPI: 300
Color: B/W
Content: Text (Picture of text file)

The image is very blurry in iPad and iPhone safari (ios7). If I save the image and open it from photos, it's blurry there too. Then I tried same image with png format (3.1 MB). Still blurry in safari, but after saving and opening from photos, it's normal. I don't understand the problem. It's just fine everywhere else.

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Did you use high resolution when you save out the image from Photoshop? Actually which Photo editor are you using? Did you also check if the width and height of the image are correct?

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I have used High (70) quality in Photoshop. Width and height are correct. I have solved the problem by splitting the image into 3 parts. It's ok now. But I still wanna know what the problem is. –  Imrul.H Apr 10 '14 at 12:02
Probably the image stretches on iPad and iPhone platforms. You might need to add some css style to your img like max-width: 100%. That should help to scale the image on other browsers and devices. –  Giorgio Apr 10 '14 at 13:07

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