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Using detail mode in explorer.exe, we can see the following :

File Name | Edited Date     | Size
Foo.txt   | 10-4-2014 17:08 | 1 KB
Bar.txt   | 9-4-2014 20:28  | 3 KB
Baz       | 10-4-2014 16:00 |

Like if Baz is a folder, we need to right click and choose "properties" to view the total size of folder.
Why cannot we see the folder size directly?
Using Windows 7, can we set something to view the size?

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Because the shell would need to enumerate all the files within the folder and sum their sizes. For 1000 sub directories with 1000 files each this could become quite slow ... –  Alex K. Apr 10 '14 at 13:47

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