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I'm trying to make a wordpress plugin and i came over a problem.

The problem is with an update query which i can't figure out why it isn't working. The query should update a non wordpress table

global $wpdb;
$sql ="UPDATE $lmdisp_table_name
            SET `".$lmdisp_nume."`=".$nume.",
                `".$lmdisp_departament."` = ".$dep.",
                `".$lmdisp_an."` = ".$an.",
                `".$lmdisp_grupaserie."` = ".$grupa.",
                `".$lmdisp_tel."` = ".$tel."' ,
                `".$lmdisp_email."` = ".$email.",
                `".$lmdisp_fb."` = ".$fb.",
                `".$lmdisp_tw."` = ".$tw.",
                `".$lmdisp_linked."` = ".$linked.",
                `".$lmdisp_freel."` = ".$freel.",
                `".$lmdisp_blog."` = ".$blog.",
                `".$lmdisp_memyear."` = ".$memyear.",
                `".$lmdisp_fctlse."` = ".$fct.",
                `".$lmdisp_evlse."` = ".$evlse.",
                `".$lmdisp_skills."` = ".$skills.",
                `".$lmdisp_avatar."` = ".$avatar.",
                `".$lmdisp_cv."` = ".$cv."
           WHERE  `".$lmdisp_id."` = ".$id."";

    $rez = $wpdb->query($sql);

A little help ?:(

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Double Check your variables of table field name with db table fields. –  Akshay PãghdÂr Apr 10 '14 at 9:52
Double checked. Also other functions are working as expected!:) –  Andrei Terecoasa Apr 10 '14 at 9:54

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Try SQL Query like this:-

global $wpdb;
$sql ="UPDATE $lmdisp_table_name
    SET `".$lmdisp_nume."`= '".$nume."',
    `".$lmdisp_departament."` = '".$dep."',
    `".$lmdisp_an."` = '".$an."',
    `".$lmdisp_grupaserie."` = '".$grupa."',
    `".$lmdisp_tel."` = '".$tel."' ,
    `".$lmdisp_email."` = '".$email."',
    `".$lmdisp_fb."` = '".$fb."',
    `".$lmdisp_tw."` = '".$tw."',
    `".$lmdisp_linked."` = '".$linked."',
    `".$lmdisp_freel."` = '".$freel."',
    `".$lmdisp_blog."` = '".$blog."',
    `".$lmdisp_memyear."` = '".$memyear."',
    `".$lmdisp_fctlse."` = '".$fct."',
    `".$lmdisp_evlse."` = '".$evlse."',
    `".$lmdisp_skills."` = '".$skills."',
    `".$lmdisp_avatar."` = '".$avatar."',
    `".$lmdisp_cv."` = '".$cv."'
WHERE  `".$lmdisp_id."` = '".$id."'";

$rez = $wpdb->query($sql);

Hope it will work.

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