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I have following line of code in my controller and need to Setup this for Unit Test.

var result = data.ToList().Select(x=> this.mapper.Map<A_Class, B_Class>   (x)).ToList();

I am doign something like following

  this.mapperMock.Setup(x => x.Map<A_Class, B_Class>(AAA)).Returns(expectedResult);

Can anyone suggest what should be AAA and what should be expectedResult? In my controller my linq works foreach object of A_Class in Data. How can this be setup in UnitTest

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If you want to return your fake expectedResult no matter what value of A_Class is passed:

mapperMock.Setup(x => x.Map<A_Class, B_Class>(It.IsAny<A_Class>))

If you want to be more specific, e.g. just return expectedResult for mapped A_Class with a property value of 'foo':

         x => x.Map<A_Class, B_Class>(It.Is<A_Class>(_ => a.Property == "foo")))

Note that if no setup matches, Moq will return a default value, which will be null for a reference type.

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var result = data.ToList().Select(x=> this.mapper.Map<A_Class, B_Class> (x)).ToList(); is return a List of B_Class. Should my expectedResult be a List or object of B_Class –  InTheWorldOfCodingApplications Apr 10 '14 at 10:05
Just the one. The select will iterate your input list and will invoke Map to project a B_Class for each A which is then collated again in the ToList (you are mocking out just the AutoMapper.Map, not the whole of Linq :-) –  StuartLC Apr 10 '14 at 10:07
Thanks a lot. Can you recommend me any good stuff on Unit Testing. I need to learn how to effectively test all layers e.g Repository, Service , MVC controllers etc. Some hands on tutorial or material –  InTheWorldOfCodingApplications Apr 10 '14 at 10:13
How can i assert data.ShouldBeEquivalentTo(expectedResult); this ? –  InTheWorldOfCodingApplications Apr 10 '14 at 10:31
If your method being tested is expected to return an exact instance, you can just check by reference, e.g. Assert.AreEqual(expectedResult, actualResult). If not, you'll need to check each of the relevant properties on both, or alternatively, implement IComparable on the class of expectedResult, or even serialize both and compare the output. i.e. there is no magic method to compare all properties of 2 entities or a graph, AFAIK. One of the gurus in C# and Unit testing is Roy Osherove - a google should give you some good references / books. –  StuartLC Apr 10 '14 at 10:39

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