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I'm setting up a web-application that display SMS from a MySQL database.

When I run the code I get PHP Warning: mysqli::close(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/class-functions.php on line 29 and Firefox trows 500 internal server error.

The directory is as follows:

  • /ajax/train-check.php
  • /js/jquery-2.1.0.min.js
  • /js/train-script.js
  • /class-functions.php
  • /index.php
  • /insert.php

The "index.php" calls the "train-script.js":

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css" />
<script src="js/jquery-2.1.0.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/train-script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="wrapper">
<div class="clear"></div>
<div id="page">
    <div class="border">
        <div id="train-input" class='maintable'>

The "train-script.js" runs every second and via "train-check.php" checks for new rows in the database:

$(document).ready(function() {

var timerId = null;

function triggerTimer() {
if (timerId != null) {

timerId = setTimeout(function(){
        url: '../ajax/train-check.php',
        success: function(data) {
        error: function() {
}, 1000);

The "train-check.php" looks like:



$train = new train_functions();
echo $train->get_data($train->check_data());


And finaly class-functions.php (where line 29 which is stated in the php-error is :$this->db_link->close();)


class train_functions {

private $host="localhost";
private $username="root";
private $password="root";
private $db_name="pitscreen";
private $db_link;

function __construct() {

function __destruct(){

private function db_connect(){
    $this->db_link = new mysqli($this->host, $this->username, $this->password, $this->db_name);
    if ($this->db_link->connect_errno) {
        printf("Connect failed: %s\n", $this->db_link->connect_error);

private function db_disconnect(){

public function check_data(){
    $query = "SELECT * FROM received_sms ORDER by received_time DESC LIMIT 13";
    $result = $this->db_link->query($query);
    $data = $this->db_link->fetch_array($result);
        error_log('Could not fetch data from db '.mysql_error());
        return null;
    } else {
        return $data;

public function get_data($data){
    $return = "<div class='msgtable'>";
    $return .= "<div class='msg'>". $data["msg"]."</div>";
    $return .= "<div class='from'>Fr&aring;n:". $data["msisdn"]. "|" . $data["received_time"]."</div></div><div class='hr'><hr /></div>";
    return $return;

public function insert_data($originator,$msisdn,$msg){
    $sql="INSERT INTO $this->db_name(originator, msisdn, msg, received_time)VALUES('$originator', '$msisdn', '$msg', now())";

PHP Warning: mysqli::close(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/class-functions.php on line 29.

Does anyone see any obvious error in the code? I'm lost right now, any input is highly appreciated!


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If you run it manually (not in destructor) - does it run fine? –  zerkms Apr 10 '14 at 11:02
Not sure what you mean but if I try to load class-functions.php in my browser I get 500- Internal server error. PHP version: 5.3.13 MySQL: 5.2 IIS: 7.5 OS: W2K8 r2 –  user3518842 Apr 10 '14 at 12:19
zerkms - why do you ask about the destructor? I am, and I get the PHP warning intermittently. –  DaveWalley Aug 19 '14 at 2:22

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