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Currently I am working on an application in which I need to fetch location of next turning point without open any map on phone and then I need to store this location on string array or Hashmap.

Example: Suppose I need to go from Mumbai city to Delhi city. When I run my app it ask for two location source location and destination location in text box and give me information on button click in form of text which can be look like this:-

You are here current location------> turn left from turning point location-----> turn right from next turning location----> you reached at destination location.

Note- User is not moving any where, he/she get this information in text from on button click. So I need to find turning points (left and right turn) of route.

I am not able to find solution of this on internet.

So how can I do this. Can somebody post working example or give me a link of related example. Thanks for your help.

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Have you tried the Google Directions API already

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