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I am using code snippets in Xcode often but most of my snippets end up in the bottom of the pane in snippets library . Is there anyway we can order the snippets as we like , so we can drag and drop faster.

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@Bhavesh Nai: please use code markdown only for code. –  S.L. Barth Apr 10 at 11:52
You could start typing the name of the snippet in code and let autocompletion do the search for you. –  HAS Apr 10 at 16:13
I rather type the code my self than going to the panel then search for the snippet and drag and dropping it. Does not save much time. –  rustylepord Apr 11 at 5:14

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Haven't found a way to do it. My work around has been to prefix the snippet titles with my initials (SV_) and filter using the filter box. This does not allow you to sort your snippets but at least gets rid of the snippets that are not yours!

Hope this helps.

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I guess I have to settle for this. Annoying thing is I am using few exiting snippets as well so I have to scroll up and down often or search for them. I guess I have to duplicate them and order them as you suggest. –  rustylepord Apr 10 at 11:52
This is a perfectly reasonable expectation, so please file a bug report (enhancement request) with Apple! –  matt Apr 10 at 16:53
Filed it , Thanks for the suggestion. Can't believe they missed something like this since code snippets have been a feature for a really long time. –  rustylepord Apr 11 at 5:28

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