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I'm searching a way to put an XML file content in a org.w3c.dom.Document.

At the moment, I have :

// document1 an existing Document
DOMParser parser = new DOMParser(); // org.cyberneko.html.parsers.DOMParser
File file = new File("file.html");
parser.parse(new InputSource(new FileInputStream(file)));
Document document2 = parser.getDocument();
document1.getElementsByTagName("body").item(0).appendChild(modalDocument1.cloneNode(true)); // Here it complains

It launched :

[DOMException: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: A node is used in a different document than the one that created it.]

Is there a way to do that ? Is my approach appropriate ?

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Check this question its the same issue like urs: stackoverflow.com/questions/3184268/… –  Atul Rai Apr 10 at 11:54

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