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I am developing Web Service client and server module with CXF. And my runtime environment is Websphere v7.0.

If you are in the same situation you might found the solution, which disable Webpshere JAX-WS engine and change class loader to parent last in enterprise application setting in webshere.

If you use RAD or eclipse you don't need to do that because as long as you add project to server environtment.

But to develop cxf with websphere it is slightly annoying that I have to export and deploy ear on admin console everytime.

In admin console > server > Application server > {my server name} > Server-specific Application setting, I changed class loader policy to 'single' and set class load mode to 'class loaded with local class loader first(parent last)'. However, it doesn't change the situation. I still have to export and deploy ear in admin console not in RAD or Eclipse.

Is there anyone who knows sort this out problem? Thanks in advance.

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