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I'm trying out the AtomineerUtils () add-in for Visual Studio to document my C++ code, and I want to use the DocXML format that VS uses in C# code. I can create the comments, but running Doxygen over the project directory always results in warnings like this:

Warning: documented function bool CBaseItem::ValidateInterval was not declared or defined.

All functions are declared, defined and documented but none show up in the generated HTML.

Does Doxygen only support the DocXML style comments for .NET languages?

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Can you describe what that format looks like?

Doxygen can understand various styles of doc comments.

If your code is using a different style, it may be possible to run it through a custom pre-processor to turn that style into one Doxygen can recognize. This wouldn't change your source code, it would only adjust it on the fly before Doxygen sees it. See the INPUT_FILTER option (and related options) in the Doxyfile configuration file.

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I was using Doxygen version 1.6.2 for this. I downloaded 1.6.3 on Friday (Feb. 26th) and it could correctly parse the code and produce comments. Must have been an issue with 1.6.2 and something I was doing.

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