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I'm trying to copy a vcf file (abc.vcf) from my ubuntu machine to a windows 8 phone (lumia 620) in the path '/Documents/Contacts/' using libmtp library. The following is happening:

  • "Error 2: PTP Layer error 2002: add_object_to_cache(): couldn't add object to cache" error is thrown.
  • The folder Contacts/ is replaced by the vcf file, with just the folder name and no file extension, and 'LIBMTP_FILETYPE_UNKNOWN' filetype.

Expected result: /Documents/Contacts/abc.vcf

Actual result: /Documents/Contacts (here Contacts is a file with 'LIBMTP_FILETYPE_UNKNOWN' filetype. However, if i open it, its just the vcf file.)

If i copy some other file (say def.xls) in the same location, the file is getting copied properly. The Libmtp documents say that they support vCard2 and vCard3 files. Now, with this, i'm not getting what is happening.

If anyone have come across such a situation, or if anyone can help me in this, it would be great.

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There's one more problem of mtp with Windows 8 phone. Connecting Lumia 520, i'm listing the files dynamically (i.e. inside a while(1) loop). Before the second iteration, if I delete some file, then the deleted file is still getting listed in the second iteration. This is, however, not happening with android device. – user3519315 Apr 23 '14 at 5:38
I have iterated all the folders on Lumia 520 and Mac. I didn't see contacts in Documents folder, how you are getting them? And yes i guess you are right, vcf is obsolete according to new definition in libmtp.h. There are vCard2 and vCard3 in enum LIBMTP_filetype_t but no vcf format. – Waleed Mahmood Oct 21 '14 at 12:26

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