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I am working with jsf 2 , is there any marquee component in richfaces or primefaces

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No such component in RichFaces. But you can easily use a jQuery plugin, like this one.

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There is no special component in the Primefaces or Richfaces Framework to realize such a behaviour.

Even though you are also not forced to use JSF Components only. You could just wrap a JSF component into a normal HTML Element.

For example:

    <h:outputText value="Hello World" />
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I need this marquee to display news ( like the bar news in the tv channels) when the marquee finishes displaying the current news i need to get next one

I have added the following

    <h:outputText value="#{newsBean.getCurrentNews()}" />

the problem is how to call getCurrentNews() Method in newsBean after finishing displaying the current news

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