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I'm trying to remove marker from my map before I add a different one but the suggested method, although throwing no error, doesn't remove my marker.

                    type: 'Feature',
                    geometry: {
                        type: 'Point',
                        coordinates: [$scope.gig.lng, $]
                    properties: {
                        title: $scope.gig.venue,
                        description: $scope.gig.address + ' ' + $scope.gig.postcode,
                        'marker-size': 'medium',
                        'marker-color': '#676767'

                /* show on map */

                var markerLayer = L.mapbox.markerLayer().setGeoJSON({
                    type: 'FeatureCollection',
                    features: $scope.geo


                markerLayer.eachLayer(function(m) {

According to the documentation I should be able to then call the following to clear all markers but it does nothing.


Am I doing something wrong? If not is there a nuclear way of resetting the map?

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L.mapbox.markerLayer() is a function that creates a new marker layer: this call is creating a new marker layer, and clearing the markers in it.

In your code, you have the lines

           var markerLayer = L.mapbox.markerLayer().setGeoJSON({
                type: 'FeatureCollection',
                features: $scope.geo

You are creating a new marker layer with the L.mapbox.markerLayer() and naming it with the variable markerLayer. So, to clear the markers in this layer, you would call:

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