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I cannot use VS2013 due to the fact that the "Visual Studio Development Server" option is missing. You can only use IIS Express, or an external host. When I use IIS Express, I get one of several errors when I launch a website with F5.

  1. Failed to register URL "" for site "" application "/". Error description: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (0x800700b7)

  2. Cannot process request because the process (8204) has exited.

Neither of them make sense. I tried deleting all the configured sites in the IIS express config. I tried reinstalling IIS Express, Visual Studio. I don't see how the first error can occur. In all the demos I've seen, you can just hit F5 in VS and it works. This isn't the case here.

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Right click on the Project in your solution and pick Properties.

Select web on the left side.

Choose IIS Express

Enter Project url



or you could check 'Override application root url' and type url like above

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Yeah I've done that several times using several different ports. This didn't help. The more times I changed it, the more ports were used up. Even if I change it to a new port, the very first time after that when I debug, it says the new port is already taken –  Patrick Goode Apr 11 at 21:06

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