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I have a core file and I want to dump all the executable memory pages it contains to a ascii file to follow the assembler that gets executed. How can I do so ?

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By default core file does not contain program if I am right: linux.die.net/man/5/core. –  skwllsp Apr 10 at 15:43
@skwllsp: it contains a dump of all the VM pages in use, which includes executable sections. –  Stefano Borini Apr 10 at 16:22

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I found it. objdump is the tool I need. The option -d in particular disassembles the core file contents. I didn't know objdump also handled core files.

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Note that a core file usually does not contain any (read-only) executable pages. –  Employed Russian Apr 10 at 17:11
@EmployedRussian Yes, I realized that I created the core not automatically out of a crash, but I used gdb to dump it. –  Stefano Borini Apr 10 at 19:09

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