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What is the equivalent cakephp find query for the following sql query?

Assume that price_date field type is datetime

$sql = "SELECT id,product_id,date_format("%Y-%m-%d",price_date) AS pd from products"

Not like this $this->Product->query($sql);

I want it like $this->Product->find('...

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Next time, it's suggested you try something, do some research, show what you've tried...etc. – Dave Apr 10 '14 at 14:54
What do you mean by this question? "Change Mysql DATE_FORMAT for table column" then in description you ask an other thing "$this->Product->find"? – Fury Apr 10 '14 at 20:42

You would have to define it as a virtualField in your Product model:

class Product extends AppModel {

    public $virtualFields = array(
        'pd' => 'date_format(price_date, "%Y-%m-%d")'


Then price_date will always return in Y-m-d format, aliased as pd, as if it were a field in your database. If you want it to return like that under another name, simply change the key in the array. Using it as a find, you can then simply:

$this->Product->find('all', array(
    'fields' => array('id', 'product_id', 'pd')
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Correct approach. – xcy7e 웃 Aug 19 '15 at 7:43

try this:

$this->Product->find('all', array(
  'recursive' => -1,
  'fields' => array('id', 'product_id', 'date_format("%Y-%m-%d",price_date) AS pd from products')
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Just specify it in your find() fields array:

'fields' => array(
    'date_format("%Y-%m-%d", price_date)',
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