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I want to run the following setup script to configure a postgresql database that's being deployed via a virtual machine, provisioned via vagrant using puppet:

#!/bin/bash -e

sudo su - postgres
createdb testdb

psql -s tm351test -c "create user test password 'test';GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE testdb TO test;"

touch /root/postgresql.done

My vagrant config takes the form:

package {
  ]: ensure => latest;

file {
    source => 'puppet:///modules/infinite_interns/root/postgresql.setup',
    owner  => root,
    group  => root,
    mode   => '0744';

#TO DO - how do we guarantee the postgresql server is running and tools available?
exec {
    cwd     => '/root',
    command => '/root/postgresql.setup',
    creates => '/root/postgresql.done';

service {
    ensure => running,
    enable => true;

Package['postgresql'] -> Service['postgresql']

How do I guarantee that that the postgresql server is installed and running, and the command line tools available, before running the config script?

I'm new to Puppet - does the Exec() not run if the created file postgresql.done exists?

I suspect that the psql command may also expect a confirmatory "return" to execute the command - how would I do that?

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Your best bet is to use the postgres module

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Okay - so it's 3am and I can't figure out how to use it/include it. Suppose I am provisioning from: class myBoxes::box::pgtest { bits..} and I want a db name testdb with user/password test/test. What do I use and where (I have mod 'puppetlabs/postgresql' in my puppetfile) – psychemedia May 24 '14 at 2:05

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