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My problem is ... When i move mouse very fast many times on link, box just do not hide. It look like setTimeout is overwritten and old function stop working - and in final popup_remove() doesn't take place. Please help, I'm beginner in jQ and already lost almost two days with this hide and show box. Everything works greate when i do not use settimeout and just put display:none for mouseenter and mouseleave. I think I just do not understand setTimeout method.

My JS:

timeout_on = {};
timeout_off = {};

$('.flex_section').delegate('a','mouseenter mouseleave',function(e){
   var a = $(this).attr('id')
   if (e.type == 'mouseenter'){

     timeout_on['id_'+ a] = setTimeout(function() { popup_show(a); }, 300);

   } else {

     timeout_off['id_'+ a] = setTimeout(function() { popup_remove(a); }, 300)


     $('#someID_' + type).css('display','block')
     clearTimeout(timeout_on['id_'+ type])
     $('#someID_' + type).css('display','none')
     clearTimeout(timeout_off['id_'+ type])
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Maybe you must clear Timeout before set an other ??

mouse enter : - add a timeout for entering mouse leave : - delete old timeout - add a timeout for leaving ...

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