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I have a appcelerator titanium app, and I would like to use the same users and password for other apps, not related to appcelerator ACS or titanium, the question is: can I use appcelerator ACS as oauth for other applications?

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I'm not familiar with ACS to much but from documentation I can find below:

it is not proffered as the ACS mention in its documentation

Your app must prove that it is allowed to talk to ACS. This keeps your data secure by preventing anyone from making requests to ACS that impersonate your app.

but you can create new app with new client-id as in ACS mention that:

You can integrate ACS into your application using the REST API, the Titanium SDK, or the ACS native iOS and Android SDKs.

http://docs.appcelerator.com/cloud/latest/#!/guide/acs_quickstart http://docs.appcelerator.com/cloud/latest/#!/guide/acs_authentication

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