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I generated the .java files using wsdl2java found in axis2-1.5. Now it generated the files in this folder structure: src/net/mycompany/www/services/

The files in the services folder are: SessionIntegrationStub and SessionIntegrationCallbackHandler.

I would like to consume the webservice now. I added the net folder to the CLASSPATH environment variable. My java file now imports the webservice using:


public class test 
  public static void main(String[] args) 
    SessionIntegrationStub stub = new SessionIntegrationStub();

Now when I try to compile this using:


I get: package net.mycompany.www does not exist.

Any idea?

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As already suggested you need to import the generated stub class, not it's package


You then need to populate your XML request objects. I don't know what your WSDL looks like but for example

SessionIntegrationStub.SessionRequest req = new SessionIntegrationStub.SessionRequest()

And finally invoke the web service

SessionIntegrationStub.SessionResponse resp = stub.operationOne(req)

println resp.getAnswer()

Note: The setters and getters above correspond to elements declared in your schema. The SessionRequest and SessionResponse classes would correspond to complex types declared in your schema.

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This should presumably say import*;. You missed the asterisk.

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I tried that. However now it cant find the generated stub. My header looks like this now: package; import* where the current file is in the services folder. – vikasde Feb 19 '10 at 20:54

Issue here is your package structure. Your is in different package then your generated source.

You need to keep current file in same package structure or provide full path of your generated source in javac like

javac src/net/mycompany/www/services/.java src/net/mycompany/services/.java

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