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I am following authentications steps for AMS as described here: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/mobile-services-html-how-to-use-client-library/#caching

From Kendo UI mobile app (Javascript) I can login using google as authentication provider using client.login("google"), execute authenticated AMS custom API cals and also doing client.Logout() via button, that seems to successfully disconnect me from AMS

On subsequent client.login, however, I do not get google Account login window, seemingly stored in a cookies and user is logged automatically, thus do not giving me a chance to log another user for example.

I was wondering what additional actions besides client.Logout() I must do to initiate google login screen on next session after user decided to logout. I do not want to force the user out of his google account, as this will be impolite , just to log him out from my application. Thanks in advance

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