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I am getting this error on the Command Prompt when i try creating a patch from .wixout files. Please can someone suggest why i may be getting this error and ways to rectify and satisfy the command prompt. candle.exe: error CNDL0103 : The system cannot find the files 'light' with type 'source'

The following is what i put in the command line: candle OLD\Product.wxs -out Old\ light Old\Product.wixobj

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I suggest to posting the command line. –  harper Apr 10 at 16:24
If this is your command line, then you are trying to invoke candle AND light in one command line. You have to execute them separately, i.e. first candle OLD\Product.wxs, which will produce the .wixobj-file that you reference in your next command, and then light Old\Product.wixobj. –  taffit Apr 11 at 11:24
I have invoked both separately and together... the problem seems to be with 'Light' –  bandaa Apr 11 at 15:16
The problem most probably lies in your WiX source file. Check for any File-tags where you have light in the Source-attribute or post an extract of your source files here. –  taffit Apr 15 at 8:03
thanks.. I have found a solution, i had simply created a .bat file and added the candle and light .exe to it with the path, this successfully crated a MSI after double clicking. –  bandaa Apr 15 at 10:14

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