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My problem is similar to these, but since I am not allowed to comment, I have to ask again: a) Drupal cache not working (tables empty) b) Drupal cache tables are empty, not receiving data

I noticed that after I turned off the Boost module and activated the "normal" Drupal cache, cache tables (starting with cache_ in the database) are remaining empty. I read that this might be related to the use of the Memcache module which I used, too. But disabling that module doesn't change anything either.

I also suspected the Elysia Cron module to clear the cache every minute, but a) cache tables are always completely empty and b) system_cron just runs every hour.

Any more ideas what could be wrong?

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It seems it did have to do with memcache: I had forgotten to remove the following line from my settings.php:

$conf['cache_inc'] = 'sites/all/modules/memcache/';

After removing/uncommenting it, the cache tables are being filled.

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