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I have FullCalendar connected with database and working very well. I've added feature 'seen' to events currently there are 4 states -> Seen, Unseen, Approved and Denied. So I managed to solve problem with seen and unseen, and also my approve and deny buttons work as well except I cant update events after I do update in my database.

I have defined callback for eventRender which will render events depending on seen field. Here is code which will be executed when I click on Approve button:

$( "#approve_event" ).click(function() {
    $.get('_pm_calendar.php', {
        }, function(data) {
            if( data == "1") {
                var evt = calendar.fullCalendar('clientEvents', $('#event_id').val());
                evt.seen = 3;
                calendar.fullCalendar('updateEvent', evt);

But I still need to refresh page to see changes. If data is equal to 1 that means the query was successful.

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What is your question? –  James Bruckner Apr 10 at 16:41
How to show changes, so execute query, I changed events status in database, now i need to show that change back to user - update & rerender event in fullCalendar. –  clzola Apr 10 at 16:44

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