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I have an opensource library that creates when I run the build script (.sh) an executable.

I need to include the library functions in another project so I want to make a .so file instead (I run it on Ubuntu).

Where in the makefile is this defined? And how would I have to adapt this in order to get the mylib.so file?

The Makefile:


AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects

bin_PROGRAMS = mybin 

    src/functions.cpp \


  MYLIB_CPPFLAGS = -Isrc/include -ggdb $(PTHREAD_CFLAGS)

  MYLIB_SOURCES = progsrc/mybin/mybin.cpp 

  lib_LTLIBRARIES = mybin.la
  libmybin_la_SOURCES = $(MYBIN_SOURCES)
  libmybin_la_CPPFLAGS = $(MYBIN_CPPFLAGS)
  libmybin_la_LIBADD = $(MYBIN_LIBS)
  libmybin_la_LDFLAGS = --no-undefined

# endif 


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It's not possible to give you a useful answer without seeing either the Makefile or the code. –  Edward Apr 10 at 16:56
I added the makefile code structure in the post. Where do I need to change it? –  user2212461 Apr 10 at 19:56

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just delete this line:

bin_PROGRAMS = mybin 
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