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I have an issue with a Pydev project. I am on Ubuntu 12.04

I import a project built by a workmate in Pydev, the project name is A. It contains several packages, I have built one on my own.

My package is waveletTransform in the project A, inside I have a module named DWT and another named DWT_function. In the second one I define the functions I use in the first one.

DWT and DWT_function are in the same folder.

When I try to import DWT_function in DWT, Pydev ends up giving :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/lambert/workspace/A/waveletTransform/DWT.py", line 113, in <module>
D_SpeedInterpolated = DWT_function.derivative(toFloatSpeedInterpolated)
NameError: name 'DWT_function' is not defined

I have tried several import statements, no one has worked so far :

from A.waveletTransform.DWT_function import f1, f2, f3
from waveletTransform.DWT_function import f1, f2, f3
from DWT_function import f1, f2, f3
import DWT_function 

The folder A as well as the folder that contains the whole package waveletTransform are recorded in the pythonpath :

import sys


Importing other packages from libraries works. Importing modules from the other packages of the project (not written by me but by my workmate) works well also

When I go to the folder waveletTransform in my workspace, I see no .pyc files but only .py files as if Pydev doesn't compile the .py files into .pyc files.

Do you have an idea of how to fix this problem, I can' t find out how to do ?

Thank you

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What happens when you do the last import you show (import DWT_function)? (The first three should give that NameError, since you never bind the name DWT_function...) –  Wooble Apr 10 at 17:08

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