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I have been using the Mighty Slider to show a range of items and with deep linking i am able to navigate to a specific slide very easily. I am looking to add a Show / Hide feature in which a range of Div boxes will load based on the specific slide selected. Currently i have used the onload event with javascript to call a Div based on the URL. However the issue i am having is figuring out how to load / Show / Hide the when the user scrolls to another slide.

Example Load:

    if(window.location.hash == '#test/example)
      document.getElementById('div1').style.display = "block";
    else if(window.location.hash == '#test/example')
      document.getElementById('div1').style.display = "block";


Mighty Slider Function:

            var $example = $('#example'),
            $frame = $('.frame', $example),
            $name = $('div.details #name', $example),
            $artist = $('div.details #artist', $example);

                autoScale: 1,
                viewport: 'fit',
                startAt: 2,

                // Navigation options
                    navigation: {
                slideSize: '400',
             keyboardNavBy: 'slides',

                // Deep-linking options
                deeplinking: {
                    linkID: 'vehicle',
                     separator: '/',
                     scrollTo:   0

                // Dragging
                dragging: {
                    swingSpeed:    0.1

                // Commands
                commands: {
                    buttons: 1

                // Cycling
                cycling: {
                    cycleBy: 'pages'
                active: function(name, index){

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