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Is there a way to disabling a WRAPPER that was set in new(\%config), through either the template, or a temporary override with parse()? I want to have a single default WRAPPER (that I'll use for 99.9% of my templates), but exclude a few.

I'm doing this all through Catalyst::View::TT just like the example in the configuration synopsis, except I don't want the WRAPPER to apply to all of my templates.

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Edit the wrapper, to include a conditional like:

[% IF no_wrapper OR template.no_wrapper %] [% content %] [% ELSE %]
    [% content %]
[% END %]

This allows me to disable the wrapper either (1) inside of template, or (2) from the stash.

  1. [%- META no_wrapper = 1 -%]
  2. $c->stash->{no_wrapper} = 1

META var ...; is a directive that makes var accessible through the template hash as template.var


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Here is the boiler plate XHTML 1.1 wrapper using this method: – Evan Carroll Mar 3 '10 at 16:53

Define exceptions in site/wrapper itself, and btw there are exceptions defined there already.

[% IF'\.(css|js|txt)');
     debug("Passing page through as text: $");
     debug("Applying HTML page layout wrappers to $\n");
     content WRAPPER site/html + site/layout;
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I stumbled into the same problem, and created a more generalized solution that allows for dynamic switching of layouts, or to have no layout at all. See here:

More than one layout/wrapper with Dancer and Template::Toolkit

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