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I have an wizard control with the "finish" button defined in the FinishNavigationTemplate. I would like to access that button in code to give it focus if finishing the wizard does not complete.

I've tried doing a FindControl on the WizardStep like so:

Button b = (Button) wsReviewOrder.FindControl("FinishButton");

I've tried doing a FindControl on the entire Wizard control like so:

Button b = (Button) wCheckout.FindControl("FinishButton");

Neither of these worked for me.

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I ran across this post which helped me get the answer:

This is what worked for me:

Button b = (Button)wCheckout.FindControl("FinishNavigationTemplateContainerID").FindControl("FinishButton");
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With FinishNavigationTemplateContainerID being the control-generated default ID for the finish navigation container, in case you were wondering. – cdonner Aug 26 '14 at 19:48

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