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Note: this question is pretty much just a copy+paste of Why doesn't ClickOnce in Visual Studio deploy content files from dependent assemblies?. However, the author of that question accepted his own answer, which did not actually answer the question that was asked in the least bit.

If you have content files in dependent assemblies, the files just don't show up in the Publish->Application Files dialog in Visual Studio.

This has been a problem with Click Once since at least Visual Studio 2008, and is still not addressed in Visual Studio 2013.

The current behavior is asinine; an application that doesn't need it's dependencies' dependencies doesn't make any sense.

Can someone from Microsoft answer why these dependency files are not ClickOnce publishable? Is there some other prefered method of publishing these dependencies?

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there is another answer on that question from Chris Marisic. doesn't that work for you? –  Dhawalk Apr 10 '14 at 20:08
The question is why is it like this? Which none of those answers address. And no, none of those answers actually work in Visual Studio 2013. –  David Murdoch Apr 10 '14 at 20:48

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