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Note: I'm curious about best practices for this case and writing my own methods, not fishing for a recommendation for a specific library. I realize this can be easily confused.

As part of a project, I hope to have a side-by-side split view of a given image at left and transcription at right. It has been recommended I use imagemapping coordinates, which I have done in one test case in a scanned .tiff file in the corpus.

Though imagemaps seem a bit antiquated, due diligence suggests it has been used to great sucesss; one very high-level example is the TILE project, though I hope to have something a bit simpler, such as Australian Electronic Scholarly Editings' demonstration here.

That said, the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an extension of my skills, not a simple installation of a (very impressive) plugin. Would it be possible to determine what divs are visible in the TIFF file at left at a given zoom level and display only those lines' transcriptions at right using something akin to the following in JQuery?

$('#left-img').on('scroll', function () {
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