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I want to add key to CGPDFPage and write this page as a pdf.I know this is very tough task if not impossible.I have also searched every where but did not find any relevant solution.As we get only immutable data structures from CGPDFPage i.e CGPDFDictionaryRef so we can not edit or add keys straight forward.But there must be indirect way to add the keys to CGPDFPage.I want to add annotation key to CGPDFPage to add standard annotation to PDF.

Drawing annotations on PDF page is easy using quartzCore but that is not standard way to add annotations because that will draw the graphics on PDF. The third party libraries i know is podofo or MuPDF can do this.But i want to add simple key to CGPDFPage and do not want to use third party libraries.I know we can add metadata to CGPDFPage but is there any similar api to add keys like annotation or other keys to CGPDFPage directly or indirectly.I also prefer objective c solution instead of c or c++.But that will also acceptable if solution is in c or c++

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