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I downloaded the most recent version of TextMate and now can't seem to open a .tmproj file I was using as recently as a year and a half ago. (I don't remember the age of my previous copy of TextMate as it was on a computer I no longer have - sorry!) I feel like I might be missing something painfully obvious here. Thoughts?

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I suspect you are using TextMate 2 now? Project files are gone and won't come back (at least not in the older / original appearance).

TextMate 2 now remembers your opened projects / directories, e.g opened via mate .. A couple of weeks ago, a new feature was added: If you press ⌘⇧-O, you can browse recent projects in a ⌘-T like manner.

For project specific configuration, we now have .tm_properties files per directory. See for a quick introduction. There are a couple of other blog posts and tips about these configuration files out there, you will find them.

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Ah!! Thanks. Exactly what I needed to know. – gromiczek Apr 11 '14 at 13:10

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