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I have a user configured with a very strict rule . Basically he can only see orders, shipments and categories. In the categories, I limited by code editing categories through code


When the id of the rule is equal to 9 then I hide the issue.

I want that user can only sort the categories in the category tree, so it is only part is visible .

Done, are just missing the two buttons that are the Add Root Category and SubCategory Add. This is where I'm having trouble hiding these buttons only to a specific user.

I know the building blocks of the buttons are located


And I can hide as I want , if I edit directly in the Magento core. How do I know it's not good practice to change the core of magento, I rewrote the block .

I was able to successfully rewrite the block and my message log within the rewrite function appeared in

 /var/log as expected.

The problem is that the code that I changed the function

 protected function _prepareLayout()

Is not respected.

I suspect that the problem is here

return parent::_prepareLayout();

at the end of the function.

So the buttons remain as the default class

I'd like to help me understand, because the function does not respect my amendment.

Thank you in advance.

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