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I'm making a simple popup menu for Android following the example from Xamarin's website . I get the popup when clicking on the button. What i'm interested in though, is how to get each item in the popup to do something different, like just displaying a toast or changing the layout. I basically have this:

showPopupMenu.Click += (s, arg) => {              
PopupMenu menu = new PopupMenu (this, showPopupMenu);
menu.Inflate (Resource.Menu.popup_menu);

menu.MenuItemClick += (s1, arg1) => {
    Console.WriteLine ("{0} selected", arg1.Item.TitleFormatted);

menu.DismissEvent += (s2, arg2) => {
    Console.WriteLine ("menu dismissed"); 
    menu.Show ();


And I expect it to be done under the MenuItemClick, but I just can't figure out what to write to access each individually.


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PopupMenu menu = new PopupMenu (this,tvEmail);
        menu.Inflate (Resource.Menu.popup_menu);
        menu.MenuItemClick += (s1, arg1) => {
            case "Edit":
                //Edit action here
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