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I have a form with select tags labeled autocomplete='cc-exp-month' and autocomplete='cc-exp-year'. Chrome will autofill them fine but safari does not fill them. Both chrome and safari fill in the input on the same form labeled autocomplete='cc-number'. Changing tag autocomplete tag to the more general 'cc-exp' didn't seem to help in Safari on either field. Does anyone know how to get Safari to fill out the month and year of the expiration date?

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Wow, please don't have autocomplete='cc-number' for a credit card number. Or any other card holder details for that matter. –  Alex K. Apr 11 '14 at 12:14
Why not? I think it's a good feature and helps a lot to the users. –  gklka Nov 2 '14 at 13:58

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For the element that you want to autocomplete, give it the attribute autocomplete="on". Be cautious with this; it's convenient, but as Alex K. said, not a good idea. Before you start dealing with peoples' information, please take the time to learn about security and at least the most common vulnerabilities. Here's a page explaining the risks of autocomplete.


and hackthissite.org is awesome if you're interested in learning how vulnerabilities are exploited.

Best O' luck, I hope this helped.

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