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According to the docs, it should be

--ignore PATTERN

I have a file containing tags, named "tags". I have tried the following, each of them still searches through the tag file..

ag -Qt --ignore ".*tags" "asdf"

ag -Qt --ignore .*tags "asdf"

ag -Qt --ignore "tags" "asdf"

ag -Qt --ignore tags "asdf"

ag -Qt --ignore *tags

and none of them works.

If I use what's suggested here, then ag doesn't accept it at all

I tried to work around it by renaming it to temp.tags and using *.tags pattern to try and ignore it, but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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After some research, it seems that it is a known issue documented here. Where if you do an --all-text (-t) search it'll override --ignore since it's searching for all texts. This issue is present for --unrestricted too.

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Have you tried using single quotes? I know i've definitely been stumped by using double quotes and no quotes only to find that single quotes worked.

ag -Qt --ignore `*tags`
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I tried the link you posted (using a glob instead of regex), but removed the '=' sign, and it worked.

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Put the list of files to exclude in .agignore

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