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Starting with a list such as:

['aaaa', 'aaata', 'aaatt'] 

How could I prepend a different character to that start of each item denoting its order, i.e. produce a list that went:

['>1/naaaa', '>2/naaata', '>3/naaatt'] 

Thank you

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The last item in your first list should be 'aaatt' as opposed to aaatt'; minor typo. –  s16h Apr 10 at 21:49
Oops sorry! Thanks for correcting –  PaulBarr Apr 10 at 21:54

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You can use a list comprehension with enumerate:

>>> lst = ['aaaa', 'aaata', 'aaatt']
>>> [">{}/n{}".format(x, y) for x,y in enumerate(lst, 1)]
['>1/naaaa', '>2/naaata', '>3/naaatt']


Regarding your comment, all you need is string.ascii_lowercase:

>>> from string import ascii_lowercase
>>> ascii_lowercase  # Just to demonstrate
>>> lst = ['aaaa', 'aaata', 'aaatt']
>>> [">{}/n{}".format(ascii_lowercase[x], y) for x,y in enumerate(lst)]
['>a/naaaa', '>b/naaata', '>c/naaatt']
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would there be any way of making it go a,b,c,d.... rather than 1,2,3,4,5 etc? Thankyou –  PaulBarr Apr 10 at 22:11
@PaulBarr - Sure. See my edit. –  iCodez Apr 10 at 22:19

Using enumerate like this:

alist = ['aaaa', 'aaata', 'aaatt']
output = ['>{}/n{}'.format(idx, ele) for idx, ele in enumerate(alist, start=1)]


['>1/naaaa', '>2/naaata', '>3/naaatt']
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