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I was wondering about how to query for the occurence of certain nodes in subtrees, grouped by the parent of each subtree.

As follows:

I -> B -> a
       -> b
       -> b
       -> c

  -> C -> a
       -> a

  -> D -> c

I would like to count how many times a occurs per each subtree. In this case would result in

B: 1
C: 2
D: 0

I have been experimenting with this for a while now, but don't really have an idea how to progress since I'm new to Neo4J

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Please share example of how you usually query the subtrees or share example data at console.neo4j.org. Not knowing how you bind any of the nodes it's hard to suggest an actual query; MATCH (I)-->(X)-->(a {uid:"a"}) RETURN X.uid, count(a) is the best I can come up with. –  jjaderberg Apr 11 at 7:40
Probably use a varlength path for the subtree @jjaderberg? –  Michael Hunger Apr 15 at 21:23

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