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I'm wrapping my usage of the Opscode Java cookbook with one for my company.

I've created an attributes\default.rb file with values specific to my usage.

Despite including a value for the windows package, I keep getting the following error:

No resource or method named `windows_package' for `Chef::Recipe "windows"'

Here is my attributes\default.rb file:

default[:java][:install_flavor] = "windows"
default[:java][:jdk_version] = "7"
default[:java][:windows][:url] = "http"
default[:java][:windows][:package_name] = "Java VM"

I am certain that I have uploaded the updated cookbook to my server, and I am certain that the attributes in this file are being loaded as I was previously receiving errors about missing the required windows package URL until I added it (path edited out above).

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In the windows recipe of the Java cookbook, there is a call to the windows_package provider of the windows Cookbook. Thus, the windows cookbook is required for the Java cookbook at least on your platform.

As the Java cookbook doesn't explicitly depend on the windows cookbook (through the metadata.rb), it fails at this late stage.

The solution is to add the windows cookbook to your run list.

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I'd add that I added the Windows cookbook by adding include_recipe "windows" to my default.rb recipe file. That way no one using my cookbook will need to know anything about the windows cookbook usage. – DonBecker Apr 14 '14 at 20:49
You don't even have to include the windows:: default recipe at all (don't know, what it does). Making it a dependency of your own cookbook through metadata.rb I'd already enough so that it gets loaded including its libraries. – StephenKing Apr 15 '14 at 6:04
Yes, I was incorrect, adding it to metadata.rb was what I meant. Thanks again! – DonBecker Apr 15 '14 at 14:29

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