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I have upto 5 layers of menu items, meaning 4 submenus but apparently wp theme Impreza v1.4.2 has issues displaying more than 2 levels (and no searches online show me how to go beyond this basic level of 2-3 menu levels on any theme really). Someone please help asap!!

This page shows Level 1 with 4 levels beneath it. Only Level 3 displays correctly, levels 4 and 5 just show up in the list (not as extra menu layers like 2 and 3).

The original style.css only seems to account for a level_1 and level_2. Using commas, I've added styling, but still seem to be missing something (don't know much about css).

I've included the two versions of css styling in an accessible folder:

style-original.css (original version that would make the third level box see through and links for Level 4 and Level 5 look weird/different than the rest and was also missing arrows for items with children, meaning it stopped at Level 3, Level 4 had no icon arrow next to it)

style-modified.css (lines 2575 through 2758 are where I added ,level_3 through ,level_5 to try and get it to work... this change atleast gives the level 3 box a white background and arrows next to the ones with children).

Another site


showed how you could add more than 2 levels

'depth' => apply_filters( 'yiw_main_menu_depth', 3)

but I'm assuming this is for another theme and not the one I'm using since mine isn't referred to as yiw nor did it initially have a depth attribute:

<!-- NAV -->
<nav class="w-nav layout_hor touch_disabled">
<div class="w-nav-control">
<i class="fa fa-bars"></i>
<ul class="w-nav-list level_1">
<?php wp_nav_menu(
'theme_location' => 'impeza_main_menu',
'container'       => 'ul',
'container_class' => 'w-nav-list',
'walker' => new Walker_Nav_Menu_us(),
'items_wrap' => '%3$s',
'fallback_cb' => false,
</nav><!-- /NAV -->

I tried changing the %3$s to a %4$s or %5$s but that made the site not load at all (correctly) so I don't think that would be it.

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