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I am working with a web app that needs to be deployed in a tomcat cluster. The app needs to occasionally send notifications. The issue is that if the workers run uncoordinated, there is a chance more than one worker will send the notifications. I need a way to coordinate so that only one worker at a time sends the notification. My search lead to Zookeper, but it seems a bit involved (separate machines to run the ensemble, etc.)

Is this the best solution out there? Is there another solution that can run as a web app on the same tomcat servers hosting the worker nodes (I would like to reduce the system upkeep efforts)?

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Do you already have a database?

If so, you could use that to synchronize the instances. Have a table with a row that you can use for locking.

That should work at least for reasonably small workloads.

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Thanks Thilo, I do have a database. I will look into row locking. –  adaj21 Apr 12 '14 at 2:17

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