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I have time series data and I am trying to subset the following:

1) periods between specific years (beginning 12AM January 1 and ending 11pm December 31) 2) periods without specific months

These are two independent subsets I am trying to do.

Given the following dataframe:

test <- data.frame(seq(from = as.POSIXct("1983-03-09 01:00"), to = as.POSIXct("1985-01-08 00:00"), by = "hour"))
colnames(test) <- "DateTime"

I can first create Year and Month columns and use these to subset:

# Add year column
test$Year <- as.numeric(format(test$DateTime, "%Y"))

# Add month column
test$Month <- as.numeric(format(test$DateTime, "%m"))

# Subset specific year (1984 in this case)
sub1 = subset(test, Year!="1983" & Year!="1985")

# Subset specific months (April and May in this case)
sub2 = subset(test, Month=="4" | Month=="5")

However, I am wondering if there is a better way to do this directly from the POSIXct datetimes (without having to first create the Year and Month columns. Any ideas?

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you could use months from base but there is no built-in for year AFAIK. lubridate package has both year and month, and then subset like test[month(test$DateTime) %in% c(4, 5), ] –  rawr Apr 11 '14 at 2:01
Seems kind of silly to convert to numeric and then compare to character, don't you think? –  BondedDust Apr 11 '14 at 4:47

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sub1 <- subset(test, format(DateTime, "%Y") %in% c("1983" , "1985")  )
sub2 <- subset(test, as.numeric(format(DateTime, "%m")) %in% 4:5)
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