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I would like to create a unique id in php.I used uniqid() but microtime is not helping because the function is inside a loop and a set of consecutive results are exactly the same!! So i am wondering if i can use nano time.In linux it possible using system() function. Is there any such ways in windows through which I can get nano time in PHP?

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did u consider a usleep(1) in your loop. –  j_mcnally Apr 11 at 2:53
codepad.viper-7.com/6zd3WB no duplicates how about md5(uniqid(rand(), true)); –  Dagon Apr 11 at 2:55
Sorry if it was duplicate.I only searched for nanotime. –  Nidhin David Apr 11 at 3:02
Thanks @Dagon md5 worked.no identical string in 5000 values.Thats enough for me. –  Nidhin David Apr 11 at 3:12
sweet glad it works, seeding uniqid with rnd better entropy than just time, seems like a good idea. –  j_mcnally Apr 11 at 3:16

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my idea is to add rand() as a prefix like so:

md5(uniqid(rand(), true));

the md5() is just a wrapper to make them pretty, you can remove it or format the results in other way depending on your need.

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md5 is probably bad in this instance, there is a posibility of a hash collision, which uniqid doesn't have because it uses time for entropy. uniqid('', true) or uniqid(rand(), true) is probably the safest. Although the prefix is not required but adds to the overall entropy of the generated id. –  j_mcnally Apr 11 at 3:23
i think you are right on all points. –  Dagon Apr 11 at 3:24

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