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I am trying to escape the underscore character in a LIKE Statement. I have tried to use the ESCAPE keyword as follows:


but it doesn't work. It is still filtering out %xyz% when I really want it to filter out %_xyz%.

If not by the ESCAPE keyword, how else can this be accomplished?

Any help is appreciated.

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Just this should work:


You don't need the ESCAPE here. What you wrote should also work.

If you do want to use ESCAPE you could do this:

columnname NOT LIKE '%\_xyz%' ESCAPE '\';

Documentation on escape characters is here.

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Thanks, this worked. I am not sure why it wasn't working before but it does now so much appreciated. – James Thomas Feb 19 '10 at 23:40

use brakets [_]

This works for me in SQL Server 2005

select *
from #table 
where a like '%[_]xyz%'
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+1: Supporting link: sqlserver2000.databases.aspfaq.com/… – OMG Ponies Feb 20 '10 at 0:04

Try it without the brackets:

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