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It looks like Twitter changed terminology over the years and did not update their docs appropriately, which leads to confusion (at least on my part).

According to https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/authorizing-request I need to use oauth_consumer_key and oauth_token.

At this time I want to access the account that is owned by the website that is making the request, so I am not trying to get a token for a website user, but instead use the tokens provided by Twitter for the Application.

In the Application details page, I have values for API key, API secret, Access token, and Access token secret

Can you tell me how these keys/secrets map to the oauth_consumer_key and oauth_token? And what are the other two used for?


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OK, I figured it out.

It looks like Consumer maps to API and Access Token maps to OAuth Token, so to clarify:

oauth_consumer_key : API Key

oauth_token : Access Token

Consumer secret : API Secret

OAuth token secret : Access Token Secret

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